JP Service Desk at Mangere CAB

09 275 6885
Shop 17, Orly Ave, Mangere Town Centre
Monday: 10am - 3pm
Tuesday: 9am - 11am and 12 15pm - 2pm
Wednesday: 10am - 3pm
Thursday: 9 30am - 4pm
Friday: 10 30am - 12 30pm
Saturday: 10am - 12noon
Please phone to ensure a JP is available before visiting


Latest News:

  1. Two Members Honoured by the Queen Ric Carlyon 05-Jun-2017
  2. Justices Acknowledged Ric Carlyon 01-Jun-2017
  3. More Hub Meetings Confirmed Ric Carlyon 13-May-2017
  4. 52 Years as Justice of the Peace Ric Carlyon 10-May-2017
  5. Association's Annual Luncheon Ric Carlyon 09-May-2017

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