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Ric Carlyon - Monday, February 13, 2017

The Association’s Council has introduced some significant changes to the ways it provides services for its Justices of the Peace membership, mainly training. 

At present there are 26 local Support Groups. Under the new scheme each Support Group will be asked to join one of 8 hubs, based on locality and community-of-interest. Members will then have the opportunity to access up-to-date training at twice-yearly meetings in each hub. 

Council Member Dawn Jones, says this move is designed to provide ready access for all Justices to the latest information and to ensure uniformly high standards are met by all Justices, whether they are part of a Support group or not. “The hub training sessions are not just for regular attenders but will be of particular value to Justices who may not have attended a training session for some time. For example, certifying documents from electronic sources or from financial institutions requires different procedures than for other documents.   We hope to attract all Justices to attend these sessions so we can meet ever-increasing demands on Justices’ services”.   

Introducing the plan at the weekend’s annual meeting of Support Group Coordinators, Dawn stressed that Support Groups would continue… the Hubs are additional, a new way for the Association to deliver training - one of its key responsibilities. Support Groups, Dawn suggested, may like to tailor their activities to dovetail with the new Hubs. 

Training Coordinator, Garry Nicholls, outlined a suggested training programme for the Hubs, saying it’s essential to keep Justices up to date and active… and he encouraged all members to obtain accreditation under the Royal Federation’s scheme.

Support Groups were given an opportunity to advise which Hub they would like to join. The next steps are to advise the calendar of events for the new Hubs, combined with the Association’s other activities.
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