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The Presidential Collar

Ric Carlyon - Friday, December 02, 2016

The Auckland Association’s President’s Collar, or Chain of Office, has recently been updated, overhauled and future-proofed. The new look was seen in public for the first time when President Selwyn Haworth wore it at the recent Association’s Dinner.


President Selwyn Haworth wears the 'new look" Collar at the recent Dinner

The symbol of office has “a link” with the name of each of the Presidents, starting with the first, William Coltman, in 1922. It’s not known whether the Collar was introduced at that time… it’s possible because Mr Coltman was a jeweller in Queen Street, City, and would have had contacts to assist in its manufacture. The collar includes a plate at the bottom of the loop declaring the wearer to be the President of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, surmounted by a Royal Federation badge.

A few years ago the “links” had run out. Life Member Alice Wylie contributed $500 specifically towards a make-over of the Collar and this  work was recently completed, overseen by Immediate Past-President Colin Davis and Council Member, Wallis Walker.

Association Council Member Wallis Walker, looks over the refurbished Collar. 

An extra row of “Links” have been added as a catch-up to accommodate those 3 Presidents who had not been included and to future-proof it for many years to come. The whole Collar has been refurbished. Opportunity was also taken to add the Auckland Association’s badge, gilded, at the bottom of the loop to give it a distinct local identity.

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