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The Missing 300

Ric Carlyon - Monday, September 14, 2015

Work begins in earnest today to try to reconcile the Association’s database of members. 

It’s thought some 300 Justices of the Peace, members or former members, can't be accurately accounted for. A small group of volunteers has this morning begun the task, comparing details in several databases to come up with a new master list. Once this is complete it’s planned to stage Part 2 of the exercise - to telephone those members whose details appear out of date or incorrect in the continuing effort to clean up the files. 

So where are the 300? Council members were told at their meeting last week, and again at yesterday’s Regional Conference, that over the years the database has had its faults, corrupted and out of date. In addition, it was advised, some Justices have died without the office being notified while others have moved house, changed email addresses, remarried with changed names, or have inadvertently (or deliberately) let their membership lapse and are now out of contact.

Auckland Justices of the Peace who have noticed they have not been getting membership information by email can check their details on-line, or should advise the Registrar, Roger Brookes. He has joined the hunt for the missing 300! 

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