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New Council – First Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 15, 2016

At the first meeting of the 2016-17 Council, President Selwyn Haworth outlined members’ responsibilities: those leading various committees of Council. 

Selwyn retains chairmanship of Registry and Finance Committee while Dawn Jones oversees Support Groups and Service Desks. 

Vice-President Garry Nicholls heads the Ministerial Training Team while Sherryl Wilson chairs Fellowship and Social Affairs. Susan Walker oversees Ministerial Complaints, Ric Carlyon looks after Communications and the Association’s website while Les Smith is appointed chairman of Judicial Matters. Neville Madden administers Issuing Officers, Section 9 Officers and Nominated Persons. 

Pat Samson is Auckland’s Representative on the Board of Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations.

“This combination of experience and energy in all our committees puts us in good shape to achieve the three main goals, as I see them, for the new 12 months,” says President, Selwyn Haworth, “to grow membership, to review the Support Group and Service Desk network and to implement our strategic plan which incorporates more Justices being “active and current”: thus better able to serve the community”

Council Briefs

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

From Council’s October Meeting held today…
Looking Ahead
Council has committed to have the final draft of Association’s 5 Year Business Plan completed in the early New Year. Originally researched and drafted last financial year, the document will be up-dated and reported back to Council in February for ratification.

Meeting of Support Group Coordinators
Councillors heard that the date has been confirmed for the next meeting of Support Group Coordinators. It’s 20 February 2016, at the Auckland District Court from 10am to noon. Dawn Jones, who oversees Support Groups on behalf of Council, says there are a number of updates and matters to be discussed, among them the Active and Current policy which all Justices of the Peace are expected to follow, especially those who through Support Groups, serve at Service Desks. 

Service Certificates
Council wants to hear from long-serving Justices who are due their service certificates. “We want to ensure appropriate awards are made to our eligible members”, says President Selwyn Haworth, “particularly those who have served their communities for 30, 40 or 50 years. We realise some awards have not been presented and we want to remedy this”. Justices with long service who have not received appropriate awards should contact the Registrar. 

Dunedin Conference
Preparations are well underway for Auckland's delegation to attend the annual conference of the Royal Federation of Justices Associations in Dunedin, 26th -28th February.  Work has begun on several remits that Auckland plans to advocate and the decision’s firming about those Councillors who will be attending. Observers are welcome at the Conference - perhaps other Auckland members might like to spend some time in Dunedin worked around a holiday in Otago.

New Registrar
Peter Montgomery, the Auckland Association's new Registrar was welcomed this morning at the first Council meeting he has attended since his appointment. New Treasurer, Geoff Pownall, as earlier advised, is on a long-planned overseas trip: he will meet members of Council around the table at their next meeting in December. 

Annual General Meeting - 29th October

Ric Carlyon - Friday, October 10, 2014

The Association’s Annual General Meeting is being held on Wednesday 29th of October 2014 at the Visitors’ Centre, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Parnell, beginning at 7.30pm.
When nominations for members of Council closed with the Registrar on the extended deadline, 1st October, there was only one name for the office of President and for that of Vice-President. “Colin Davis (President) and Selwyn Haworth (Vice President) will be elected unopposed” says Registrar, Roger Brookes, “and since there were but four nominations for five vacant positions on Council, Ken McKay, Kuan Yap, Susan Walker and Wallis Walker will be declared, unopposed. There will, however, be an election for Auckland’s Regional Representative, with two nominations received: Pat Samson and Wallis Walker”.

Draft of New Rules Approved

Ric Carlyon - Monday, July 21, 2014

At its last meeting the Council approved the proposed draft of the Association’s amended Constitution which will be promulgated to Support Groups and others for comment before members are asked to approve the final draft at the Annual General Meeting.

Now cast as Rules, the re-written and updated version will replace a Constitution implemented in 1997 and amended, piecemeal, over the years.

“Each clause of the old Constitution was comprehensively examined and reviewed against current good practice set out in other like documents,” says President Colin Davis, “with, as far as possible, the use of plain, simple English".

"Suggestions that postal and/or electronic voting be provided-for have not been included for the reasons of expense, security and the possibility of disenfranchising significant numbers of members. The final draft will need approval not only from our members but also the Registrar of Incorporated Societies”. 

Members will consider the final daft at the AGM on Wednesday 29th October.

Briefs from Council’s May Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, May 22, 2014

+ Within days of being re-organised, it was reported, and welcomed, that Waiheke Support Group had arranged its first activity: training with Rex Chandler, to brush up on Ministerial duties. This, Dawn Jones, told Council, is typical of Support Groups taking every opportunity to include training in their activities - it’s become an essential part of their meetings

+ Council adopted the document Arrangements for Service Desks which details guidelines for establishing and maintaining Service Desks: facilities fast becoming the most popular way for JPs to serve their community. “The Arrangement provides advice for new Service Desks…” Convener Ric Carlyon advised Council, “…and gives a good base document for those already successfully operating”.

+ Good progress is being made for next year’s Royal Federation Conference which Auckland Association is hosting at Spencer on Byron, Takapuna, February 27, ‘15. Organising Committee Chairman, Selwyn Haworth, told the meeting that budget-setting, setting the programme, arranging partners’ programmes and other plans are well advanced for a successful event. Wallis Walker said the Royal Federation’s Board has approved the programme proposed by the host Association.

+ Auckland’s the venue for another event – Regional Representative, Wallis Walker, also advised that the Regional Ministerial Seminar for JP trainers in the northern part of New Zealand has returned to the calendar after a break, and will be held in Auckland with a tentative date 23rd August.

+ The review of the Association’s Constitution is almost complete, President Colin Davis reported, and in a week or two the final draft will be approved. It will be circulated to Support Groups for comment and will be submitted to this year’s Annual General Meeting for ratification.

+ This year’s Auckland Regional Conference will be held on Sunday 14th September at Alexandra Park. Wallis Walker said an interesting programme is scheduled including the Year of the JP which celebrates the 200th anniversary of the appointment of New Zealand’s first JP, ministerial training and a speaker on population trends in Greater Auckland.
+ Registrar, Roger Brookes, reminded Council that the next swearing-in ceremony at Auckland District Court will be held on Monday 26th May when 7 appointees will be sworn.

+ Discussion during Council’s meeting centred on new JPs’ awareness of the expectation that they must be available to serve the public, to complete initial training with a mentor, to join a Support Group and to assist on a Service Desk. It was noted that these matters are mentioned in printed material given to candidates, canvassed again during interview and reiterated once they are sworn in. However, it was suggested that the check-list used during interview with prospective JPs should be amended to make certain that they are in no doubt that, if appointed, they’re expected to serve the public, with special awareness of being rostered at a Service Desk.

Latest Council Business

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Briefs from Council’s Monthly Meeting held on 9th April 2014:

CONSTITUTION – President, Colin Davis, advised steady progress has been made on the review of the Association’s Constitution.

YELLOW PAGES – Registrar Roger Brookes reported that new JPs will no longer be listed in Yellow Pages under ‘Justices of the Peace’ nor will any further amendments be made by the Auckland Association’s office. JPs who want a listing, or to alter existing entries, should do so themselves.

THANKS – Considerable past experience and service was acknowledged when it was reported that 12 JPs have recently retired and will soon be receiving appropriate lapel badges.

2015 CONFERENCE – Is being hosted by Auckland Association, held at Takapuna’s Spencer on Byron in February next year. Advice was received that the organising committee’s on target planning the big event.

IT UPGRADE – Lion Foundation has donated funds enabling the Registrar’s office equipment to be upgraded.

WEBSITE – Work continues to create a communication link and information platform for our members and the public, and it was reported that ultimately the dynamic news updates will replace the quarterly hard-copy newsletter.

CONFERENCE EXPENSES – Council will suggest to Royal Federation that when it submits its 3 yearly funding request to the Minister of Justice that it includes an annual allocation to assist Associations stage the annual conference.

SERVICE DESKS – Three new Service Desks are planned – one in Manukau City at Friendship House should be operating before month’s end while Support Groups plan desks in Devonport and on Waiheke Island.

Items from Council Meeting, 12 March 2014

Ric Carlyon - Monday, March 31, 2014

+ Council’s pressing on with its views about Accreditation and the Justices’ Quarterly periodical, resubmitting the rationale which supported Auckland Association’s remits on these two subjects at Conference, backed up with further submissions.

+ Planning for next year’s Conference at Takapuna in late February is well underway with registrations already open, on-line, for early-bird JPs wanting to be sure of their place at the meeting and social events. The venue is Spencer on Byron, right on Takapuna beachfront. See Conference 2015 on the front page of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association’s website-

+ ‘Year of the JP’ will be reflected on the Association’s website and with the Annual Dinner, to be held on 12th November 2014, 200 years to the day since the first JP, Thomas Kendall, was appointed.

+ Review of the Association’s Constitution is well advanced with opportunity being taken to modernise the text as well as including changes agreed at Annual General Meetings.

+ Pat Samson attended his first meeting as the new member on Council. Pat replaces Jim Blackman who stood down. Jim moved house, returning to his roots in Taranaki, in retirement. Consequently, Ric Carlyon has taken over Jim’s portfolio as Convener of Service Desks.

+ Non-financial: 290 members have yet to pay their annual subscriptions and will receive a reminder notice.

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