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Ric Carlyon - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Briefs from Council’s Monthly Meeting held on 9th April 2014:

CONSTITUTION – President, Colin Davis, advised steady progress has been made on the review of the Association’s Constitution.

YELLOW PAGES – Registrar Roger Brookes reported that new JPs will no longer be listed in Yellow Pages under ‘Justices of the Peace’ nor will any further amendments be made by the Auckland Association’s office. JPs who want a listing, or to alter existing entries, should do so themselves.

THANKS – Considerable past experience and service was acknowledged when it was reported that 12 JPs have recently retired and will soon be receiving appropriate lapel badges.

2015 CONFERENCE – Is being hosted by Auckland Association, held at Takapuna’s Spencer on Byron in February next year. Advice was received that the organising committee’s on target planning the big event.

IT UPGRADE – Lion Foundation has donated funds enabling the Registrar’s office equipment to be upgraded.

WEBSITE – Work continues to create a communication link and information platform for our members and the public, and it was reported that ultimately the dynamic news updates will replace the quarterly hard-copy newsletter.

CONFERENCE EXPENSES – Council will suggest to Royal Federation that when it submits its 3 yearly funding request to the Minister of Justice that it includes an annual allocation to assist Associations stage the annual conference.

SERVICE DESKS – Three new Service Desks are planned – one in Manukau City at Friendship House should be operating before month’s end while Support Groups plan desks in Devonport and on Waiheke Island.

Auckland has wins and a loss at Conference

Ric Carlyon - Monday, March 03, 2014

Auckland had three of its remits passed at the weekend’s JPs’ national conference.  A fourth was withdrawn. 29 JP Associations belong to the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations, all of which were represented at the Federation’s 86th Conference at Waitangi.  

Delegates were asked to concur with Auckland Association’s remits, and though the voting was sometimes quite close, the majority of delegates agreed to three of the remits.

Their topics ranged from accreditation of JPs, (effectively, asking policy on the matter to be re-examined before being implemented),  to Service Desks (more discussions and detail before guidelines are decided) and on-going training (as a legislated requirement for all JPs). A remit suggesting that the periodical Justices Quarterly be discontinued in favour of electronic distribution was withdrawn when earlier discussion at Conference indicated that the Board is considering changes to its entire communications portfolio.

In the election for Vice-President of the Royal Federation, Auckland’s Wallis Walker lost to Denise Hutchins, who has been Central Region’s representative on the Board. While Wallis lost out for the vice-presidency, she returns after a gap to serve on the Board as Auckland Regional Representative.  

Year of the JP begins

Ric Carlyon - Monday, March 03, 2014

‘Year of the JP’ kicked off this weekend, appropriately in the Bay of Islands where New Zealand’s first Justice of the Peace, Thomas Kendall, began duties in 1814, 200 years ago. The milestone was the featured theme at the Justices of the Peace annual conference held at Waitangi this weekend. The Mihi was held at Whare Waikairo in the Treaty Grounds (below)

The Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices’ Associations also took the opportunity to launch year-long activities to celebrate two centuries of continuous service by JPs.

Delegates were given detailed accounts of the life and times of Thomas Kendall, and the history of JPs over the decades, by eminent historians Dame Claudia Orange, Dr Phillip Harkness and others.  The conference didn’t only dwell on the past but considered future services JPs might be providing, the need to keep abreast of technological changes and what these will mean for the way JPs serve the public.

The large attendance at the JPs’ s 86th Annual Conference at Waitangi almost overwhelmed facilities, but the host committee’s organisation and management ensured a successful and enjoyable conference. Delegates thought the 200th anniversary of Thomas Kendall J.P. arriving in New Zealand had been well and truly celebrated.  

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