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Shhh! Revelations from the Database

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What goes on within the Association’s database usually stays inside the unfathomable fields, records and tables etc, best understood only by experts. 

But - just between you and me - the recently updated database has revealed the mundane, the sad and the amazing! 

The mundane, we suspect, often have stories behind them. Members’ changes of name (marriage?), altered addresses (moved into a new conjugal home or kicked out of the old one?) and some who are in arrears with their subscriptions (“what, exactly, is an email invoice?”).

The sad includes those the Association was unaware of who had died in office or have found they can no longer continue their Justice of the Peace services to the community. And, yes, I suppose it’s sad that some Justices of the Peace don’t want a bar of having anything to do with the Association. Their choice!  

The amazing was the revelation in the database that one of our members had paid his annual subscription for 2015/16 no fewer than 39 times! Treasurer Geoff Pownall welcomes prompt payments, but doubted this particular member was intentionally making advance payments for his membership well into the 2050s! Similarly, it was also improbable that these were recurring donations. Geoff investigated and while inquiries were underway the database showed further, regular payments. The answer - the member had inadvertently programmed his on-line bank to pay his subscription not annually, as intended, but on each business day! Unaware of the anomaly until Geoff’s inquiries, the member was grateful for the information and corrected the programme. Geoff processed the refunds.      

Members can play their part in keeping the database up to date - there’s a template in the members’ section on the Association’s website making it simple to advise change of address, etc 
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