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Pay the Fine… or Lose the Licence

Ric Carlyon - Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ministry of Justice is collecting more than a million dollars a month since a tough new enforcement tool for collecting overdue fines was introduced. 

Courts Minister Chester Borrows says the new scheme means people who don’t pay fines risk being banned from driving under a Driver Licence Stop Order, (DLSO). “This Order can be placed on anyone who fails to pay traffic-related fines imposed by a Court, Police or local government authority - or reparations imposed by a Court for traffic-related offences” says the Minister, “and it seems to be having the desired effect”.

“This initiative was designed to send a compelling message to these offenders,” says Mr Borrows, “and since the scheme was launched in February, the Ministry of Justice has issued 87 warning letters, and served only one DLSO - and that was subsequently lifted after the person set up arrangements to repay their fines. It seems the threat of losing their driver licence motivates most of those who until now have ignored paying their fines “.

The Minister gives a last-chance warning to those with outstanding fines… “if you wish to hold on to your licence contact the Ministry of Justice and make arrangements to pay your debt".

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