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Service Desks… Our Growth Factor

Ric Carlyon - Monday, September 12, 2016

By far most activities by Justices of the Peace take place at Service Desks across Greater Auckland. And it’s a growing enterprise as those needing the services of a Justice of the Peace visit their local Service Desk... with numbers attending on a steep increase. 
The Eastern Suburbs Support Group has just added its latest Service Desk, its eighth in the district, in Flat Bush at Ormiston Senior College open on Tuesday evenings. 
In Helensville there’s now a session at the local CAB on Saturday mornings.
A ways-and-means meeting, encouraged by the local MP, has been held by Justices of the Peace at Mangere with plans to open a Service Desk there. This will fill a gap in services offered in the suburb. 
In Henderson the local Support Group is finalising venues for two further Service Desks in the vicinity of the Town Centre.
These new Desks will bring to more than 60 the number of Service Desks organised by the Auckland Justices’ Association across the Super City. 

Long Service Awards Presented

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Opportunity was taken at the Justices of the Peace Auckland Regional Conference to present long service certificates.

50 Justices received certificates of service and appreciation - and it will be a rare sight to see so many long-serving Justices on the same platform because this was a “catch-up” of certificates “owing” for some time.


Thanks to Royal Federation and Ministry of Justice, the certificates were processed and made available for Sunday’s ceremony. 

President of Royal Federation, Denise Hutchins, made the presentations which recognised individual’s service ranging from 30 to 47 years

National President at Auckland Conference

Ric Carlyon - Monday, August 29, 2016

The Auckland Regional Conference of Justices of the Peace followed the Association’s Annual General Meeting. (See report below)

In her address to Members, President of the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations, Denise Hutchins, reviewed recent matters and activities that the nation-wide Federation is advancing on behalf of Justices of the Peace. 

“On top of these”, she said,” we are looking to further improve public access to Justice of the Peace services, notably through Service Desks which we know have already grown in number”. 

“We are often told by officials that Justices of the Peace should be acting in wider matters, so we are about to go into talks to see if there are more ways in which Justices of the Peace may act within the Judicial, or allied, systems”.

Denise said that with increasing public service, demand for help, growth of the Justices’ organisation and possible new duties, it’s time every Justice stepped up to serve their community, to fully play their part. 

Among other matters Denise listed as being actively considered by Royal Federation: revision of the Education Trust, the distribution of funds towards Service Desks and recently-developed Maori protocols.

“Accreditation of Justices has been up and running for a few months,” says Denise, “backed up by the on-line Education Modules… useful in themselves, but also great preparation for Justices undertaking the Accreditation Test”.

Today’s Annual General Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Sunday, August 28, 2016

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Auckland Justice of the Peace Association was held this morning at Alexandra Park Convention Centre. Some 200 members attended. 
The President’s and Financial Reports were received

The Treasurer explained the rationale for the budget which had been struck for the ensuing year

The annual subscription for membership will remain unchanged 

There was comment that the Registrar’s office hours should be extended.
The President explained these were constrained  by what the Association can afford

The office of Patron and Vice-Patrons remain unchanged from last year

President Selwyn Haworth was returned, unopposed, to office for the second year

Garry Nicholls was elected , unopposed, Vice-President 

Four vacancies on Council were elected unopposed: Roger Brookes, Kamiesh Naidu, Susan Walker and Wallace Walker, for a 2 year term

Colin Davis remains Immediate Past President

Patrick Samson, in the only vote at the meeting, headed off Wallace Walker as Royal Federation’s Auckland Representative

The 2 remits Auckland Council plans to present at Royal Federation’s Conference were outlined for the information of those at the meeting:
1. Seeks reimbursement to local trainers for costs of light refreshments provided at scheduled training.
2Wants Royal Federation to advise local trainers of questions answered incorrectly and the scores of tests, which will allow education to be focused on these matters. No names would be released.

Moves will be made so that Members can have single access to both Auckland and Royal Federation websites. 

The meeting concluded, followed almost immediately by the Auckland Annual Conference.   

Preparations underway for AGM/Conference

Ric Carlyon - Sunday, August 21, 2016

Details are being finalised for the Association’s combined Annual Meeting and Regional Conference being held next Sunday 28th at Alexandra Park Conference Centre, Epsom. 
Proceedings begin at 9am sharp and will continue after a lunch break so Members who wish to pre-purchase a light luncheon must do so by completing their order and making payment by this Wednesday 24th on the form that has been emailed to the membership.  
Members paying for registration ($10) - with the option of lunch ($15) - are automatically registered for both the AGM and Conference.
As well as the novelty of  combining meetings, the Association will be honouring their own with a presentation of certificates of appreciation to long-serving Justices of the Peace.

President's Report - Highlights

Ric Carlyon - Monday, August 15, 2016

In his Annual Report just released, President Selwyn Haworth says it’s been a year of considerable change and positive progress for the Association. The President’s report for 2015/16 includes: 
  • The data-base of membership has been up-dated by a team of volunteers checking details of every known member. 
  • The clean database has clarified the number of members - those financial and those not.
  • The updated list also eased communication with members, including billing subscriptions.
  • As at 30 June 2016  there were  1,338 financial members, 174 whose subscriptions were outstanding, and in addition 5 life members and 6 honorary members.
  • The Association's finances over the 2015/16 year have been carefully managed. There have been budget items underspent and some overspent but the overall result is still a very minor budgeted deficiency. Our Auditor has provided an unconditional review.
  • With so few Justices without access to email, the internet website and email will be the main conduit to members: there will be no more mail-outs by post. 
  • About 70 per cent of Auckland Justices of the Peace work is now done at Service Desks.
  • 61 candidates for the office of Justice of the Peace were interviewed during the year: those chosen undertook induction, etc, training by the Association’s team.
  • More than 300 Justices attended 6 centralised refresher courses: in addition hundreds more received tuition from the Training Team during 44 sessions at Support Group meetings 
  • There are now 28 Support Groups spread across Greater Auckland, with more planned 
  • Indicative statistics for Auckland’s Service Desks show that during the year Justices of the Peace:
Officiated at 6,000 service desk sessions
Saw 90,000 clients 
Attended for a combined total of 13,500 hours 
Completed 350,000 transactions
  • In the year to 30th June 2016, Justices of the Peace provided the following services to the 4 District Courts in Auckland:
Presided in 5,544 Police and Local Authority prosecutions in the Minor Offences Court
Presided in Remand Courts and handled 4,020 arrests (totalling 11,840 charges).
Gave 2,343 hours of unpaid time to the Judicial system in Auckland. 
  • During the year, 32 complaints have been managed by the Complaints Committee. 
  • An end of year dinner for Members and guests is planned for Thursday 17 November at the Quality Hotel Parnell
  •  President Selwyn Haworth concluded with goals for the next year:
To grow our membership 
Continue the work started on reviewing our Support Group and Service Desk network due to a growing preference by the public to use Service Desks and 
Implement our Strategic Plan (which includes promoting “Active and Current” and encouraging accreditation).

(Members can see the full report in the Members Only section of website)

News Briefs from today’s Council Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

End-of-Year. It was the last meeting of the present Council prior to the Annual General Meeting where a new Council will be shaped. Member Ian Marshall resigned a year into his 2-year term so this leaves a vacancy to be filled at the AGM.

AGM. No one has shown intent to raise matters at the AGM on August 28th by Notice of Motion. None had been filed with the Registrar by due date. 

Subscriptions. Council will recommend to the Annual General Meeting that membership subscriptions for 2016/17 remain at present levels: $55 for members and $18 for Associates (JP Retired), GST inclusive. 

Numbers. As at the end of June the Association had 1,338 financial members, 34 of whom were Associate Members (JP Retired).

Training. Some 270 Justices attended on-going education sessions arranged by the Association’s training team during the month of July. Topics included dealing with Statutory Declarations, certifying electronic copies, taking affidavits connected with dissolution of marriage and practical exercises. Sessions were held across Greater Auckland, from Warkworth to Otahuhu

All Set For Annual General Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

All members have now received formal notice of the Association’s Annual General Meeting, with the invitation for all financial and non-financial members to attend at the 

Alexandra Park Function Centre on Sunday 28th August 2016, beginning at 9am. 

The Annual Regional Conference will follow, taking up most of the day.  

Members have received notification of the AGM by email, in this news section of the website and in more detail in the site’s Members’ Section. Those members without access to email/internet have received notices in the post. 

The information includes candidates for election to Council and as the Association’s Representative at Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations, along with the President’s and Financial Annual Reports and other AGM business.  

Update on Service Desks

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, August 04, 2016

As we approach the total of 60 Service Desks across Greater Auckland, it’s timely to mention two, one at Papatoetoe re-establishing in new offices and a brand new one opening soon at Flat Bush. 

The local Support Group at Papatoetoe had to re-focus when it lost its venue and fortunately has bounced back better than ever with a Service Desk in a new office in the same vicinity as before, Papatoetoe Chambers in St George Street, also known as the old Town Hall. Justices of the Peace will hold sessions there every day except Thursdays and Sundays, with morning and afternoon attendances on Wednesdays and Fridays.

From September 6th those seeking Justice of the Peace services at Flat Bush, South-East Auckland, will have a new Service Desk at Ormiston Senior College. Justices of the Peace will attend every Tuesday evening from 6.00pm until 7.30pm. 

And noting a recent amendment we made to the website listing for the Albany Service Desk. It was listed (correctly) as being in Kell Dr, in Albany Village. But this has been changed to the expanded Kell Drive after some people turned up at the venue seeking medical attention from Dr Kell! These mistaken callers were told that they could see a JP at the Service Desk but not a GP!   

Recognition of Services as Justice of the Peace

Ric Carlyon - Sunday, July 24, 2016

There’s been a catch-up in acknowledging the work of Justices of the Peace for the services they have provided - in some cases individuals who have served their communities for more than 50 years. 

Following laborious work to research and prove individuals’ service by the Royal Federation of NZ Justices Associations and the Ministry of Justice, Long Service Certificates have been made available for eligible Auckland members. 

These Justices of the Peace will receive a special invitation to this year’s Regional Conference/Annual General Meeting on Sunday 28th August at Alexandra Park to have their certificates formally presented. There are some 150 eligible members… and the collective service they have given is phenomenal. If each certificate averages 40 years, a total of about 6,000 years’ service will be celebrated on the day! 

The Auckland Association of Justices of the Peace has thanked the Royal Federation and the Ministry for its work behind-the-scenes to enable the presentations.

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