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The Presidential Collar

Ric Carlyon - Friday, December 02, 2016

The Auckland Association’s President’s Collar, or Chain of Office, has recently been updated, overhauled and future-proofed. The new look was seen in public for the first time when President Selwyn Haworth wore it at the recent Association’s Dinner.


President Selwyn Haworth wears the 'new look" Collar at the recent Dinner

The symbol of office has “a link” with the name of each of the Presidents, starting with the first, William Coltman, in 1922. It’s not known whether the Collar was introduced at that time… it’s possible because Mr Coltman was a jeweller in Queen Street, City, and would have had contacts to assist in its manufacture. The collar includes a plate at the bottom of the loop declaring the wearer to be the President of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, surmounted by a Royal Federation badge.

A few years ago the “links” had run out. Life Member Alice Wylie contributed $500 specifically towards a make-over of the Collar and this  work was recently completed, overseen by Immediate Past-President Colin Davis and Council Member, Wallis Walker.

Association Council Member Wallis Walker, looks over the refurbished Collar. 

An extra row of “Links” have been added as a catch-up to accommodate those 3 Presidents who had not been included and to future-proof it for many years to come. The whole Collar has been refurbished. Opportunity was also taken to add the Auckland Association’s badge, gilded, at the bottom of the loop to give it a distinct local identity.

"Diversity" the Theme at Annual Dinner

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, November 17, 2016

Those attending tonight’s Annual Dinner held by the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association were reminded about the city’s… and nation’s… diversity, and that we are all immigrants.
List MP for Mt Albert, Melissa Lee, was guest speaker who said all those planning to leave their home country have first to decide to emigrate, and then to make a choice - where to? All those who came here chose New Zealand as the place they preferred, with a view to better their own lifestyles and to assure a future for their children. 
Ms Lee stimulated the audience when she traced her own diverse lifestyles from her childhood when, with her family, she lived in Korea, Malaysia, Australia and, since 1988, in New Zealand. 

Melissa Lee, MP, speaking at tonight's dinner

Ms Lee gave examples of the richness of different customs, foods and languages which, she said, far exceed the few foibles and faux pas innocently encountered along the way. 
She advocates diversity in civic positions, advising more immigrants to step up to undertake community duties, to stand up for what is right and proper… and just. And Ms Lee says Justices of the Peace are examples of those who serve and benefit the public, and she thanked them for their service to the community. 

It’s “All Go!” with Service Desks in Auckland

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Justices of the Peace continue to expand their duties, and commitment to their community, with the opening of new Service Desks… and extensions to existing ones … across Greater Auckland.
Western Justices of the Peace have opened two new Desks. The first, in Waitakere District Court, will operate three days each week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am until 12.30pm. The second provides a gap in Saturday morning services, being established from 12th November at Te Atatu Library on Saturday mornings, 10am until 12 noon. 
Services have been re-established in “Old Papatoetoe”, in Papatoetoe Chambers, on Monday afternoons and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. For those seeking Justice of the Peace services on Saturdays a Desk is being set up from this week at Papatoetoe Library in Wallace Road, attended every Saturday from 10am until 12 noon.
Eden Albert CAB at St Lukes recently extended its Service Desk, providing Thursday evening services to coincide with the Westfield Mall’s late night and on Saturday mornings.  
There are two new Service Desks operating in Mangere providing once-weekly sessions. The first is at PAK’nSAVE in Orly Avenue, open each Thursday from 10am until 12.30pm while the second is at Mangere Bridge Library, each Saturday from 10am until 12.30pm. 
Mt Roskill will soon have an additional Service Desk in Stoddard Road at Lockington’s Pharmacy: days and times yet to be announced. This will bring the number of Service Desks across Auckland to more than 60. 

"Diversity" - Annual Dinner's Theme

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Melissa Lee, MP, epitomises diversity. 

She was born in Korea, grew up in Malaysia, moved to Australia and settled in New Zealand. In her maiden speech to Parliament in 2008 she spoke in Korean, Maori and English.

Ms Lee is the first Korean woman to win an election outside her homeland. 

Fitting, indeed, for Lee, now Parliamentary Private Secretary of Ethnic Communities. She’s also Chairperson of the Commerce Select Committee and a member of the Education and Science Committee. 

Not short of the odd controversial stand and quote on current affairs, the List MP based in Mt Albert, Melissa Lee is the guest speaker at this year’s Justice of the Peace Dinner. with the topic: 

"Celebrating Diversity" 
DATE:  Thursday 17 November, 2016
TIME:  6.30pm for 7.00pm
VENUE: Quality Hotel Parnell, Gladstone Road, Parnell (opposite Parnell School)
COST:  $50.00 (incl GST) per person + Cash Bar

Book early to ensure you do not miss out on an entertaining evening and dinner relaxing with fellow Justices and their Partners!

Payment may be made EITHER by
Direct credit to the following bank account (our preferred method) 
Bank:  BNZ
A/c Name:    Auckland Justices of the Peace Assn
A/c Number:  02-0256-0333810-000
Reference:   Payer’s Surname and initial(s) / AJPA Dinner / MOJJP or telephone number
NB:  Please include all of the reference details prompted

OR by
Cheque posted to
Auckland Justices of the Peace Assn 
P O Box 108 229
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150

Eden-Albert at St Lukes CAB in Expansive Mood

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Justice of the Peace Service Desk at Eden-Albert at St Lukes Citizens Advice Bureau is kept busy during its 10 weekly sessions, mornings (10 to 11.30) and afternoons (1 to 2.30), Monday - Friday.
Now, to help meet demand, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings have been added. Thursday evenings because that’s late-night shopping at the adjacent Westfield St Lukes Mall and Saturday mornings to provide additional opportunities for those seeking a Justice of the Peace.
The two new sessions were requested by Manager of the Eden-Albert at St Lukes CAB, Delphine David, who provides CAB volunteers to assist while the local Justice of the Peace Support Group has rostered Justices of the Peace to the additional sessions. 
Thursday evening hours at the Eden-Albert at St Lukes CAB are 5 until 6.30 and Justices of the Peace are also in attendance from 10 until 11.30 on Saturday mornings

Happy 90th Otago!

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Otago Justices of the Peace Association has celebrated its 90th birthday. 

A special luncheon was held to mark the milestone attended by members and guests, including Royal Federation President, Denise Hutchins, and Southern Regional Representative, Gavin Evans. After local President Helen Meiklejohn welcomed everyone she took a look back at what was happening in New Zealand during 1926, the year the Association was formed including:

The New Zealand Reform Government introduced the world’s first fully state-funded family benefit in 1926, partly in response to concerns over New Zealand’s falling birth rate. The allowance was 2 shillings for the third and each subsequent child in a family.

Famed Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and a corps de ballet of 50 dancers performed to audiences throughout New Zealand which included a performance Dunedin 

The first 18 female Justices of the Peace were appointed in New Zealand during 1926. The 18 appointees included Elizabeth McCombs who in 1933 would become New Zealand’s first woman MP. Also among this group was the grandmother of Ian Park, husband of current Association member Jean Park MNZM JP. Jean attended the luncheon wearing the original JP pin that was presented in 1926.

Federation President Denise Hutchins then congratulated the Otago Association on behalf of the Federation. President Helen in turn presented Denise with a cheque for $1,000.00 for the JP Education Trust. This money came from profit made by the Otago Association at the National Conference held in February.

Otago Justices of the Peace Association Newsletter - Abridged

Obituary: Life Member, Past President Ross Familton

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Waldour Ross Familton, QSO, JP, who died yesterday aged 96 years, was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1980 and was a former member of Council of Auckland Justices of the Peace Association for almost 20 years. 

He was made Life Member of the Association in 2003. 

Ross sat on the Bench and gave leadership in education, selection and protocols for Judicial Justices of the Peace. He was Chairman of Education and Training, Social Committee and was editor of Court Panel Information Bulletin.

During World War 2 Ross Familton served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force in the Pacific Islands at the height of the Japanese threat. 

After obtaining an MA with honours Ross became a teacher. In 1962-63 he was President of NZ Educational Institute, the primary teachers’ professional organisation. In 1971 he was awarded a Fellowship of NZEI and later went on to serve many years as Post Primary Teachers’ Association representative on the NZEI committee responsible for selecting teachers for awards. Tamati Howard, present member of the Council of Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, was also a member of that committee. Ross retired from Principal of Avondale College.

Mr Familton was awarded the Queen's Service Order (QSO) in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2007 for services to education and Justices of the Peace. 

He became Justice of the Peace, Retired, in December 2014. 

His funeral will be held next Tuesday at St Aidan’s Anglican Church, 5 Ascot Avenue, Remuera, at 2pm.

Association's Annual Dinner

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Annual Dinner

The Auckland Justices of the Peace Association Council warmly invites members and partners to join them at the upcoming and entertaining Annual Dinner.

DATE:  Thursday 17 November, 2016
TIME:  6.30pm for 7.00pm
VENUE: Quality Hotel Parnell, Gladstone Road, Parnell (opposite Parnell School)
GUEST: Melissa Lee, MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary for Ethnic Communities. Melissa chairs the Commerce Select Committee and is a member of the Education and Science Committee.
TOPIC: Melissa will speak to us on "Celebrating Diversity".
COST:  $50.00 (incl GST) per person + Cash Bar

Do book early to ensure you do not miss out on an entertaining evening and dinner relaxing with fellow Justices and their Partners!

Please pay either by
Direct credit to the following bank account (our preferred method) 
Bank:  BNZ
A/c Name:    Auckland Justices of the Peace Assn
A/c Number:  02-0256-0333810-000
Reference:   Payer’s Surname and initial(s) / AJPA Dinner / MOJJP or telephone number
NB:  Please include all of the reference details prompted

OR by
Cheque posted to
Auckland Justices of the Peace Assn 
P O Box 108 229
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150

September Meeting of the Council

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Council of the Association met for the first time since last month's Annual General Meeting. 
  • New members Roger Brookes and Kamlesh Naidu were welcomed to Council.
  • Preparations were made for attendances at Royal Federation’s national conference being held in Rotorua in March next year. 
  • Combining the Annual General Meeting with the Auckland Regional Conference was considered, overall, a success with more than 200 members attending. Consideration will be given to repeating the combined meeting.
  • The Association had 1,468 members as at August 31st.
  • Investigation’s to be made to ascertain if the “Members Only” section of both Royal Federation and Auckland Association website can be linked, protected by a member’s personal password.
  • Work’s begun to improve liaison with Support Groups and Service Desks
  • 10 candidates are progressing towards becoming Justices of the Peace
  • Ministerial training during the month included refreshers on Immigration, Dissolution of Marriage, Certifying Copies for Financial Institutions and Customer Services. Members also received encouragement to complete documentation so they are Accredited Justices of the Peace.     
  • A reminder was given of the Association’s Annual Dinner on 17th November (details in a separate news item) 
  • In August, Auckland Judicial Justices of the Peace, among Court matters, heard remands and bails for a total of 974 charges involving 343 defendants. They also heard 386 traffic-related prosecutions. Justices of the Peace put in 196 hours on Court-related activities during the month.   

New Council – First Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 15, 2016

At the first meeting of the 2016-17 Council, President Selwyn Haworth outlined members’ responsibilities: those leading various committees of Council. 

Selwyn retains chairmanship of Registry and Finance Committee while Dawn Jones oversees Support Groups and Service Desks. 

Vice-President Garry Nicholls heads the Ministerial Training Team while Sherryl Wilson chairs Fellowship and Social Affairs. Susan Walker oversees Ministerial Complaints, Ric Carlyon looks after Communications and the Association’s website while Les Smith is appointed chairman of Judicial Matters. Neville Madden administers Issuing Officers, Section 9 Officers and Nominated Persons. 

Pat Samson is Auckland’s Representative on the Board of Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations.

“This combination of experience and energy in all our committees puts us in good shape to achieve the three main goals, as I see them, for the new 12 months,” says President, Selwyn Haworth, “to grow membership, to review the Support Group and Service Desk network and to implement our strategic plan which incorporates more Justices being “active and current”: thus better able to serve the community”

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