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Ric Carlyon - Saturday, August 02, 2014

Items from Royal Federation of Justices'Associations -

+Nominations are now being received on the proscribed forms for the offices of President, Vice President, and Regional Representative for Northern, Auckland, Central, and Southern Regions respectively. All positons are for one year only and incumbents who are available to serve a further term need to nominate again. Nominations are made by Associations (not by individuals), they must be signed by the person nominated and received at Royal Federation office before 1st November 2014, together with a CV.
+There’ll be a Judicial Studies Course from 1 April to 30 September each year with the next course beginning 1st April, 2015. Associations requiring new panel members have been requested to identify suitable JPs for the Course which is a component of the wider Judicial Studies Programme. Associations must endorse each application… J.P.s, the Royal Federation stresses,  may not undertake the course for personal interest or in the vague hope of joining their local bench panel at a future time.
+ Registry Office marriages by authorised J.P.s in West Auckland are to continue. The trial, in which ceremonies were conducted specially by authorised J.P.s., has been reviewed and while fewer couples took part than was expected, the Registrar-General, Births, Deaths, Marriages and Citizenship says the service will continue. “While 73 couples were wed since September 2013, feedback has been very favourable so I’m happy to continue the service in West Auckland for couples wishing to avail themselves of this option”. Royal Federation says at this stage there’s no indication of an extension of this option to other parts of the country, “…but we have raised this as an issue with the Ministry of Justice which will be the instigator of any move by Court staff to cease providing the service in the various court locations where they currently do so. We will advise associations further as this project develops but associations should also approach their own Court mangers to canvass this and other options for service to the public”.

J.P.s and the General Election

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Royal Federation of NZ Justices Associations Inc. is reminding J.P.s of the roles they may play in the General Election. Some will act as officials in their own right, some will assist with the early voting processes, while others will be part of the oversight of counting on the day or afterwards.

Royal Federation Registrar, Alan Hart, also reminds those J.P.s involved as candidates or organisers for political parties to take care that their status as a J.P. meets the Electoral Commission’s guidelines. “This,” he says, “is especially so for any J.P.s involved in Court Panels where public perception could confuse roles”.

Alan Hart is also advising against mixed messages in the media by candidates or organisers where any reference to their J.P. status could be misconstrued.

“Justices of the Peace who have undertaken Judicial Training or are Issuing Officers need to exercise objectivity, with particular care not to inadvertently give any hint of bias of their personal views on any topic including those of a political nature”.

Call For Comments

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The proposed draft of the Association’s amended Constitution has been sent out to all Support Groups and interested parties for comment.

A committee of Council recently completed a revision of the Constitution which was implemented in 1997 and had been amended, piecemeal, over the years. The committee says every effort’s been made to use plain language to assist easy understanding.

The Registrar, Roger Brookes, will receive submissions until the end of the first week of September.

Members will be asked to approve the final draft of the new Rules at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 29th October.

200 Years – Government House Reception in Wellington

Ric Carlyon - Monday, July 28, 2014

The Governor-General is hosting a reception to help mark 200 years’ community service by J.P.s in Wellington on Tuesday 25th November 2014, 5.30 - 7pm.

Allocation of places, pro-rata, means Auckland gets 40 invitations.

There’s no assistance with travel to or from Wellington, nor for accommodation.

Members wishing to attend should contact the Registrar, Roger Brookes, for further information and to make application for a formal invitation. 

Shipping News : “Active” sails

Ric Carlyon - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kororareka, (Russell) Bay of Islands 25th July 1814

The brigantine “Active” sailed today for Botany Bay having been a familiar sight in Bay of Islands this past month.

“Active“, Captain Dillon, is returning to Sydney-town having brought missionaries Thomas Kendall and William Hall to New Zealand, their task to ascertain current attitudes among Maori towards missionaries and settlers. Long-time and sometimes impatient advocate of establishing Christian missionaries here, the Reverend Samuel Marsden, commissioned both the ship and the persons as an “advance party” to make certain future European visitors won’t meet the same dreadful and unforgettable fate as the ship “Boyd”. 6 years ago the ship was sacked by the natives. Most of its crew and passengers were killed, some cannibalised.

Kendall returns to Marsden with favourable signs that a mission might be established. Since their arrival here both Misters Kendall and Hall have travelled throughout the Bay of Islands, and a little inland, meeting Maori chiefs.

The visitors have been amicably received throughout and have persuaded a number of chiefly personages to return with them to Botany Bay aboard the “Active”, namely Ngapuhi chiefs Ruatara, Hongi Hika, Korokoro, Te Nganga, Punahou and Hongi's son Ripiro.

Their appearance in Sydney-town will almost certainly persuade Governor Macquarie to allow departures for New Zealand and to encourage Marsden to bring Christianity to these islands. This  will be greatly assisted if, as envisaged, the natives give assurances of a peaceful reception for all future missionaries and settlers.

Before departure Captain Dillon estimated the voyage across the Tasman, given favourable conditions, would take about a month.

Justices of the Peace Thanked

Ric Carlyon - Friday, July 25, 2014

J.P.s’ service to their community was acknowledged last night at a reception held by the Albert-Eden Local Board.

Local Justices of the Peace, and their partners, were thanked by Board Chairman Peter Haynes for the invaluable contribution they make assisting the public, sometimes in their homes, or at their workplace or in a Service Desk.

“While the Board wants to thank you for your services, it’s particularly appropriate  at this time”, Peter noted, “because this year you are celebrating the 200th anniversary of New Zealand’s first J.P. taking office in Bay of Islands”.

Board Member Glenda Fryer said it was important to invite partners and acknowledge their part as well, because they so often ably support the work of the J.P. 

New Service Desk a Success

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The new Service Desk at Mangere Bridge library is proving a hit.

“After only 3 Monday afternoon sessions we have been amazed at the growing use of our services”, says one of the organisers, Leo Stafford-Bush, “and we have received many commendations for establishing the service”.

“The Librarians have received glowing thanks from all the users, so we know the J.P.s’ attendances are well-appreciated”, says Leo “and we’ve been so busy there’s been no time for coffee breaks or to browse the library’s expansive range of reading material!”.

“It’s a combined operation. The librarians store our equipment and daily put out the sandwich board advertising our service”.

Leo concludes: “We’ll have a stock-take at the end of August to see if any fine-tuning’s needed but so far it's been most successful”.

New J.P.s Sworn

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Greater Auckland has 10 new Justices of the Peace, sworn yesterday in the Auckland District Court.
They come from suburbs well-spread across the Association’s territory.

They are - Barbara Blair from Chatswood: Abhai Dass, Meadowbank:  Andrew Dunlop, Schnapper Rock,  Ausaga Imoa, Otara: Richard Leigh, Gulf Harbour: Bernie Matthews, Manurewa: Priya Pratap, Dannemora: Gurvinder Shergill, Red Beach: Tafili Utumapu-McBride, Devonport and Pat Wijayaratne, Totara Heights.

Welcome to the ranks of the J.P.s as we celebrate 200 years of continuous service to the community!

Each new J.P. will associate with the nearest Support Group to build confidence, enabling them to efficiently carry out their numerous duties in the community.     

Pay the Fine… or Lose the Licence

Ric Carlyon - Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ministry of Justice is collecting more than a million dollars a month since a tough new enforcement tool for collecting overdue fines was introduced. 

Courts Minister Chester Borrows says the new scheme means people who don’t pay fines risk being banned from driving under a Driver Licence Stop Order, (DLSO). “This Order can be placed on anyone who fails to pay traffic-related fines imposed by a Court, Police or local government authority - or reparations imposed by a Court for traffic-related offences” says the Minister, “and it seems to be having the desired effect”.

“This initiative was designed to send a compelling message to these offenders,” says Mr Borrows, “and since the scheme was launched in February, the Ministry of Justice has issued 87 warning letters, and served only one DLSO - and that was subsequently lifted after the person set up arrangements to repay their fines. It seems the threat of losing their driver licence motivates most of those who until now have ignored paying their fines “.

The Minister gives a last-chance warning to those with outstanding fines… “if you wish to hold on to your licence contact the Ministry of Justice and make arrangements to pay your debt".

Draft of New Rules Approved

Ric Carlyon - Monday, July 21, 2014

At its last meeting the Council approved the proposed draft of the Association’s amended Constitution which will be promulgated to Support Groups and others for comment before members are asked to approve the final draft at the Annual General Meeting.

Now cast as Rules, the re-written and updated version will replace a Constitution implemented in 1997 and amended, piecemeal, over the years.

“Each clause of the old Constitution was comprehensively examined and reviewed against current good practice set out in other like documents,” says President Colin Davis, “with, as far as possible, the use of plain, simple English".

"Suggestions that postal and/or electronic voting be provided-for have not been included for the reasons of expense, security and the possibility of disenfranchising significant numbers of members. The final draft will need approval not only from our members but also the Registrar of Incorporated Societies”. 

Members will consider the final daft at the AGM on Wednesday 29th October.

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