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Opportunity : Issuing Officers…

Ric Carlyon - Monday, June 01, 2015

Definition: Issuing Officers are those 350 Justices of the Peace authorised to issue Search Warrants under the Search and Surveillance Act which became law in October 2012. Those Justices of the Peace were authorised for 3 years: the term expires in October this year. Royal Federation’s Trainer, Sarah Loftus, says those Justices of the Peace who have signaled they are willing to renew their authorisation will be considered for a further term by the Attorney-General.
Opportunity: There’s an opening for other Justices of the Peace to serve the community as Issuing Officers. “Enforcement agency officers, usually police, generally take applications for Search Warrants to Justice of the Peace Issuing Officers only when a court-staff issuing officer is not available” says Sarah, “so that’s out of business hours and while this is not policy it’s a practice which has become standard. In my experience all those who have trained as issuing officers have found it an interesting and valuable exercise”.
Training: Authorisation as an Issuing Officer can only be considered by those who have completed the on-line training. “It will be made available from late June for three weeks on the Royal Federation website for all Justices of the Peace who are interested in the role”, Sarah advises, “followed by assessment”.  
Application: Members who wish to undertake the training and assessment should immediately contact to have their name added to the training list.
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