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One Month's Work...

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of the Council’s ongoing quests is that all JPs are active and trained so it’s interesting to dissect the Registrar’s summary of one month’s input into the training aspect of our activities.

Statistics for March reveal the dedication and hours JPs spent on training to better serve the community. All up, trainers and members invested some 350 hours in organised training, both Judicial and Ministerial. This includes the one-day training for 11 nominees. On top of these sessions other JPs will have put in additional hours training with their local Support Groups.

Aside from training, Judicial JPs sat for 155 hours in the 4 Auckland courts while JPs attending to Ministerial duties at Service Desks, at home and at the workplace, will have clocked up hundreds more hours during the month.

Volunteers, all.  

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