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Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

From Conference Correspondent - member of Auckland delegation to Conference, Council Member Sherryl Wilson: 
  • Thought Provoking.  Saturday morning’s inspirational speaker was Lesley Elliott, mother of Sophie Elliott who was tragically murdered by her ex-partner of only five months in the most horrific circumstance.  Lesley is dedicating her life to the Sophie Elliott Foundation whose aim is to raise the awareness of all young women, and their families and friends, of the signs of partner abuse. This was an emotional and stirring start to Saturday’s business but gave everyone in the room much to ponder upon.
  • Farewell. The National Education Officer (NEO), Sarah Loftus has resigned after more than five years in the role and will shortly take up her new position with the NZ Law Society’s Continuing Legal Education Ltd.  Tributes were paid at Conference to Sarah for her commitment and dedication in the position. 
  • Retired. Conference passed Bay of Plenty’s remit requesting the Secretary of Justice to use his discretion to grant JP Retired status to those who have served less than ten years’ service.
  • Financial. The capitation fee payable by associations to RF based on membership as at 31 August 2016 was set at $15.00 plus GST – a rise of $2.00
  • Communications. The hard copy of the Justice Quarterly (JQ) will be phased out by 2020, but in the interim it’s to be modernised with a view to evolving into electronic format only.
  • Regional Conferences. Whilst the North Otago remit to hold the National Conference biennially was passed, the second part of their motion "that regional conferences be held in the intervening years, that is, every second year” was lost. Most Associations expressed the desire to be able to choose when to hold their regional conferences: these are mostly held annually.
  • Workshop Sessions. These were diverse and interesting with Auckland delegates attending all of these in order to give feedback to Council and the membership where needed. 
  • Education. The Ongoing Education Module (OEM) went live on Saturday evening and is now accessible on the Royal Federation’s website.  It is a stand-alone opportunity for members to upskill and is not directly linked to, but does support, Accreditation.  There are a set of activities that can be accessed online (although at the moment these need to be downloaded to use) and it does support the revised manual of 2015. It can be accessed as often as is wanted and no records are kept as to how often it’s utilised or for how long.  It is just the beginning with more to follow!
  • 2017. Next year's Annual Conference will be in Rotorua a little later than usual: 3-5 March.  
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