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Diversity… Conference Topic: Reality in Auckland

Ric Carlyon - Monday, March 16, 2015

Cultural diversity was interwoven with the theme “The Changing Skyline of Justice” at the recent Justices of the Peace Conference in Auckland, and the fact that, increasingly, this diversity will impact on services undertaken by Justices of the Peace. One speaker said that Justices of the Peace in Auckland are already well aware of the many different communities and peoples, and warned that it won’t be long before different ethnicities are evident in other New Zealand cities and towns.

Now a recently-released report by Doug McKay, former Auckland Council Chief Executive, underlines Auckland’s diversity.

“Europeans make up only half the Auckland population,” the report says, “with  Asian and Pacific people comprising a larger share of the population than Maori. 65 per cent of Pacifika community lives in Auckland. Immigration has contributed to this diversity: almost 40 per cent of Aucklanders were born overseas (the highest rate in the OECD)”.

The McKay Report notes that one-third Aucklanders speak a language other than English.

“Asians will grow by 130,000 in 7 years to 2021 and they are projected to comprise half of Auckland’s population growth in the next 20 years and Pacific people 22 per cent”.  McKay points out that Auckland is a Pacific Rim City, and an Asian one.  

The McKay report backs up facts about diversity given in an address to Justices of the Peace last year by Bruce Adin of the Ministry of Education: already 180 different ethnicities attend Auckland schools. He, too, advised that people from different communities would impact on whom Justices of the Peace will be seeing and services being sought. 

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