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Three New Life Members

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 21, 2017

Those attending the Annual General Meeting unanimously elected three new Life Members of the Association. All have given many years’ service in a range of ways to Justice of the Peace activities.

Rex Chandler has had as his focus the training of Ministerial duties… devising the education syllabus for Justices from induction through to revision at Support Groups, former District training sessions and now the new Hub meetings. Rex has continually updated and modernised training to suit new legislation, to keep abreast of amended Government documents, and alterations to ways we deal with international forms. His unique power point presentations are legend. 

Allan Spence has been a Bench Justice of the Peace for many years, and still sits. He is a former Council member on the Auckland Association, Auckland representative at the Royal Federation and, in 2005, he was President of the Royal Federation.   He also served on the Auckland Judicial Panel.

Britt Stephen-Smith was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1985 and joined the Bench a few years later. Britt was a member of Auckland Association’s Council when he oversaw, and reformed, the Association’s financial affairs and grew the membership base. He was President of the Royal Federation  in 2001.

Royal Federation Reps at Annual General Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Both the President and Vice-President of the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations attended the weekend's Annual General Meeting of the Auckland Association, accompanied by National Manager, Tony Pugh.

President, Denise Hutchins, advised the meeting of important recent developments:

+ 33.8 per cent of Justices nationwide were now accredited: there’s a target of 50 per cent by the next Federation Conference in March.

+ There’ve been representations to the Ministry of Justice… and ongoing discussions… to try to ensure competency of Justices – not just those who are members of Associations, but all who serve the community. “They are all officers of the law”, Denise said “and as such, the public must have confidence in their ability to act properly in their office, and this requires competency: they must be up-to-date and knowledgeable. We will continue to work on ways to convince Ministry of Justice officials that a system must be devised to ensure all Justices meet the community’s expectation”.

+ There will be a modest increase in funding of Service Desks.

+ The pilot scheme in West Auckland, where Justices officiate at “Registry Office” weddings, is now well-established, confirmed and, in an expansion to Justices’ usual duties, is being introduced in other centres, beginning in Hamilton.

+ There’re moves to standardise documents Justices often deal with that are designed to prevent money laundering. At present there are many versions and forms issued by banks, institutions etc. Standardisation will ease Justices’ work.

+ Templates and documents on the Royal Federation’s website are now in several languages, and more will be added, to assist clients whose first language is not English.

+ The Royal Federation website will soon have a makeover.

+ Denise thanked all Justices for their ongoing community service

Vice-President Rachel O’Grady told the gathering:

+ The Federation’s Constitution is being reviewed.

+ Its reform will fill gaps, update names, processes and procedures

+ Changes will modernise the language, making it more easily understood. 

Association’s Annual General Meeting

Ric Carlyon - Monday, September 18, 2017

Auckland Justices of the Peace gathered for their Association’s Annual General Meeting yesterday, chaired by President, Selwyn Haworth.

+ Selwyn introduced the Association’s new Registrar, Janet Thompson

+ Selwyn, in his Annual Report, said he achieved improvements to financial reporting, he obtained donations from Trusts,  updated the membership database and reviewed the Support Group and Service Desk network.
+Treasurer Geoff Pownall reported a small surplus in a set of accounts which auditors had given an unqualified certificate. 

+A remit from Whau Support Group was agreed-to by the meeting which means there will be follow-up by a special committee of Council to consider changes to the Rules governing the lodging, processing and presentation of remits at the Annual General Meeting.

+Other Notices of Motion were not agreed-to. These involved proposed changes to training, a re-prioritisation of Council resources and effort, the need for individual Justices to make an annual return of their activities, and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

+ The composition of the new Council was announced:
Garry Nicholls
Sherryl Wilson 
Council Members
Selwyn Haworth (Past President), Hazel Bedogni, Roger Brookes, Ric Carlyon, Ow
en Goodwin, Tamati Howard, Neville Madden, Susan Walker and Wallis Walker

+ Retiring members of Council, Colin Davis, Dawn Jones and Les Smith, were thanked for their services and farewelled.

+Pat Samson was elected as Auckland Representative on the Board of the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations

Last Meeting of Present Council

Ric Carlyon - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Today’s regular monthly meeting of the Association’s Council was the last for the year: there’ll be a new Council following Sunday’s Annual General Meeting.  

President Selwyn Haworth stands down along with other long-standing members Colin Davis and Les Smith. All three are Past-Presidents of the Association and all have been involved in the Judicial side of activities: most recently Les has chaired the Court Management Team and all were involved in setting, documenting and monitoring protocols and standards expected of those Justices who preside in Court.

All three also thanked those Members they have worked with over the years: “…they’ve been a great bunch of people…” Past-President Les Smith remarked.

Dawn Jones also retires from Council having served the maximum term allowed in the Association’s Rules. Dawn steps down having enhanced the organisation of Support Groups and overseen the expansion of Service Desks: the combined powerhouse of Ministerial Duties in communities across Greater Auckland. Dawn has also been the driving force of the need for Justices to be “Active and Trained”, a theme consolidated more recently with the system of accreditation.

+A newly-composed Council will emerge at the Annual General Meeting being held together with the Regional Conference at Alexandra Park Raceway, Epsom, this Sunday (17 September) at 9am and is scheduled to conclude before lunch

Hub Meeting Held Off-Shore

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Auckland Justices of Peace Association has members at 2 ‘off-shore’ locations… and one, Waiheke has held its first Hub Meeting. 
9 Justices attended… with one JP from the “mainland” taking advantage to catch up with the first Hub training, not being available for the local Hub session at Mangere. 
All those who completed questionnaires said they appreciated the opportunity to train together and valued the presentations. 
Half those present have accreditation, so Waiheke is already ahead of the percentage of the total JPs accredited across Auckland. 
The other "off-shore" Justices serve communities on Great Barrier Island.

Auckland’s Latest Justices

Ric Carlyon - Friday, September 08, 2017

Six new Justices of the Peace were sworn into office on Monday. 
Judge Philippa Cunningham officiated in the Auckland District Court and the new Justices were welcomed to the Association by President, Selwyn Haworth, Registrar Janet Thompson and members of Council.  
Those sworn are Karen Avery, Auckland City: Ada De Camasca, Flat Bush: Fazilat Rashid, Bucklands Beach: Tara Robinson, Epsom: Mark Darrow, Remuera and Aston Moss of Mount Eden

L-R Mark Darrow, Tara Robinson, Ada Decamasca, President Selwyn Haworth, Judge Philippa Cunningham, 
Fazilat Rashid, Karen Avery and Aston Moss

The ceremony was a first and a last... first for new Registrar Janet Thompson and the last for President Selwyn Haworth whose term in office ends later this month. 

Our New Registrar

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, September 07, 2017

Janet Thompson JP has taken over as Registrar of the Auckland Justice of the Peace Association.

She succeeds Peter Montgomery JP as of September 1st… Peter resigned to take up other work.   

Janet Thompson lives in Remuera having recently migrated from Palmerston North. “I know that many Aucklanders ask ‘why would you come and live here?’ but I can tell you from my experience that I have found Auckland very welcoming and I am enjoying a much more lively and positive vibe up here”.  

Janet Thompson attends her office three mornings each week

“My role as Registrar is part-time, and I also work for an Australian company who are looking to enter the student accommodation market in New Zealand (and I work from home for that company so maybe the fact that I don’t have to battle rush hour traffic helps me with my positive impression of Auckland!!)”.    
“I have been a JP since 2003, and am also a Nominated Witness and an Issuing Officer. I am a registered Marriage and Civil Union celebrant as well”.
“In my short time here I can see what an immense amount of time and effort all the Support Group coordinators do - I am in awe of the that you do.  I see my job as supporting you, and it will be a privilege to be able to do so.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything that I can help or assist you with”.
“My normal working hours in the office are Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9.30am – 1.30pm), although from time to time I will work on a Thursday instead of a Friday so I can enjoy a long weekend with my mother in Palmerston North. 

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