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A Growth Activity

Ric Carlyon - Thursday, January 26, 2017

Service Desks continue to show all-round growth. They are increasing in number, sessions are being enhanced and they are providing more services for the community than ever.
Based on latest statistics here are the numbers for Justices of the Peace services each month at Desks across Greater Auckland. 

 sessions attended
hours in attendance  
people assisted 
total transactions 
copies certified 
Statutory Declarations taken

With figures adjusted for holidays, this means that Justices at Service Desks are now processing more than
460,000 transactions annually compared to 322,000 two years ago.    

More Service Desks are now available to the community…
65 in  all, with recent openings at Clendon Library, PAK'nSAVE in Flat Bush and at North Shore District Court. Sessions have recently been increased at Waitakere District Court from twice a week to daily.   

Where is my nearest Service Desk and what times are Justices in attendance? Press the Service Desk tab above. Click on the map, or look down the alphabetical list.

New Service Desks To Kick Off 2017

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two new Service Desks brings the number, Auckland-wide, to 64. 


A new Service Desk has been established at the North Shore District Court in Corinthian Drive, Albany. Effective immediately, two Justices of the Peace will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, 2.30 – 4.30. The Desk will provide service to the rapidly-growing areas in and around Albany… and, if demand warrants, sessions could be extended.
Expansion of Justices’ services in South Auckland means a new Service Desk will be operating at the Clendon Library from early February. It will be open Wednesday mornings, 10am – noon. Library staff, believing there’s a need for services in Clendon, invited local Justices to set up in the library. 
Not a new Service Desk, but attendances have been greatly enhanced at Waitakere District Court. It’s not long ago that the Desk was set up in the court building… now local Justices have rewritten rosters so they will be in attendance every day, Monday to Friday, 10.30am – noon.

The Year That Was - 2016

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Accreditation for Justices of the Peace, long-heralded by Royal Federation, came in during the year: those who pass an on-line test and attend training sessions qualify for accreditation for 2 years.
Support Groups, representing Justices of the Peace across Greater Auckland, from Wellsford and Helensville, to Waiheke Island and in southern-most suburbs, met in February to discuss mutual matters and reflect on the growth of Service Desks.
Royal Federation’s Annual Conference resolved to hold future Conferences biennially, which begged the constitutional question - what of the Federation’s essential Annual General Meeting?   

It was announced that the hard copy of the Justice Quarterly (JQ) will be phased out by 2020, but in the interim it’s to be modernised with a view to evolving into electronic format only.
The Ongoing Education module was unveiled, available on the Royal Federation’s website, giving ongoing education opportunities designed to support local learning. 
Denise Hutchins took over the reins as President of Royal Federation at its National Conference in Dunedin in February. 
Auckland Association’s data-base, after a lot of work by a team led by President Selwyn Haworth, has been cleaned and updated: now presenting an accurate list of the membership. This has greatly assisted the Treasurer’s invoicing of annual subscriptions - a record 75 per cent of members have paid before Christmas!  

Billie Jordan MNZM
Billie Jordan, founder of the Hip Op Group, was Guest Speaker at the May Luncheon and announced that she’s created a Hip-Operation Dance Academy so that, internationally,  others can form Hip Op groups. Billie received a Royal Honour at Queen’s Birthday weekend.
Our 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan was drawn up by a committee who spent many hours reviewing the earlier 2015 - 2018 plan and consolidating it into a "plan on a page".  President Haworth says the document provides his personal blueprint to progress Association activities.  
The Annual Conference and Association’s Annual General Meeting were held as a combined event with 200 Justices attending. President Selwyn Haworth was returned to office, unopposed, for the second year, Garry Nicholls was elected, unopposed, as Vice-President and four vacancies on Council were also elected unopposed: Roger Brookes, Kamiesh Naidu, Susan Walker and Wallace Walker: each for a 2 year term. Colin Davis remains Immediate Past President and Patrick Samson, in the only vote at the meeting, headed off Wallis Walker as Royal Federation’s Auckland Representative.
Long Service Certificates were presented to some 50 of our members at the Annual General Meeting, recognition made possible by research and assistance of the Ministry of Justice and the Royal Federation

Dawn Jones, CNZM, OBE with the Governor-General 
Council Member Dawn Jones was named Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her life-long interest, and contribution to Netball and for community services. Two other Auckland Justices of the Peace were also named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Immediate Past President Colin Davis was invested a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, a Catholic Order of Chivalry which began in the 11th-century Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. It traces its origins to the knights who guarded the Holy Sepulchre - the tomb of Jesus - and who protected pilgrims visiting it. 
 As, by far, most of our members have access to email, it was decided mid-year that here will be no more mail-outs by post… that the internet website and email will be the main conduit to members. 
One of the Association’s Life Members, Waldour Ross Familton, QSO, died during the year aged 96. Ross was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1980, he was a former member of Council of Auckland Justices of the Peace Association for almost 20 years and was made Life Member in 2003. 

Melissa Lee, MP
List MP for Mt Albert, Melissa Lee, was guest speaker at the Association’s Annual Dinner and celebrated the city’s… and nation’s… diversity. 

President Selwyn Haworth wearing the refurbished collar
The Auckland Association’s Presidential Collar, or Chain of Office, has recently been updated, overhauled and future-proofed, with blank links added for future Presidents and opportunity was taken to attach the Auckland Association’s badge. 
The Training Team, led by Garry Nicholls, carried out 52 training sessions during the year with some 600 Justices attending the sessions held at Support Groups’ meetings. 59 inductions were held for new Justices of the Peace. 
Service Desks continued to grow during the year in both number and expanded sessions. In 2016 Justices of the Peace put in more than an estimated 14,000 hours at Service Desks assisting more than 100,000 people who sought Justices’ services.

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