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Boys will be boys .....

Ric Carlyon - Friday, May 23, 2014

It is reported in the Melbourne Age - Victoria, Australia`s largest daily newspaper, that Judge Simon Phelan who was assigned to hearing a case before the Children’s Court of Victoria, excused himself twice from the bench when he broke out into uncontrollable bouts of laughter during his passing judgement on two young teenage boys aged 14 & 15, who were in front of him, on a charge of causing Public Disorder.

The facts of the matter were, these two lads had sneaked into the Omar Bin Al-Kattab mosque in Preston, Victoria, some minutes after Friday evening prayers had commenced and more than 1,000 worshipers were in attendance.

The lads set about rearranging 1,058 individual shoes, from the pairs that worshippers had neatly placed outside the prayer chamber, before entering.

This `prank` had the effect of completely mixing up the shoes, making it difficult and an extremely frustrating task for the owners to locate their own pair.

Unfortunately the lads were flat-footed when apprehended by two late-comer worshippers who arrived to find the boys hard at work mixing up the pairs of shoes. The worshippers were not quite as amused as the boys and reported them.

On his third attempt of conveying a stern and suitable punishment for their misdemeanor, Judge Phelan composed himself sufficiently to sentence both lads to 100 hours’ community service at the Preston mosque, under the watchful eye of Australia's leading Muslim cleric, Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam.





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