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Annual General Meeting Business

Ric Carlyon - Monday, August 21, 2017

The Council has received five matters following the call for remits for consideration at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday 17th September 2017. All are from the Whau Support Group.
In summary: 

A Notice of Motion calls on the Council to prioritise its work on those members who actively carry out their Justice of the Peace responsibilities, focusing on more effective, result-based training through Support Groups: Hub Meetings would be disestablished. The Notice also says members are entitled to an up-to-date website.

The first Remit calls for all Justices to return an annual summary of their activity logs so that the Association knows who the ‘high volume JPs” are … and can properly support them… and those who are not available for Ministerial Duties would have their membership of the Association terminated. 

The second Remit advocates covering some of the out-of-pocket expenses faced by those Justices who, each year, exceed a total of 50 Affidavits/Statutory Declarations/Witnessed Documents plus 200 certified copies. For these Justices, it proposes reimbursement of actual costs as a credit on Members’ annual subscription, initially, $20. The remit also canvasses for reimbursement of the cost of changing words on rubber stamps when required. “This remit,” the Whau Support Group says, “re-focuses the Council’s attention on properly looking after the small number of JPs doing most of the work”. 

The third Remit suggests a review of the need, and the way, Justices certify copies from electronic sources - such as those viewed on-line - because of inherent risks of not being able to access or recognise the original, or of virus being imported into computers used to view the “originals”.

The fourth remit seeks changes to the Association’s Rules to formalise the process of lodging and processing remits, and to streamline their presentation, ensuring that they are relevant, substantive and constitutional.

+ The full text of the documents and the accompanying submissions are available in the Members' section on this website under Governance, Annual General Meeting 2017.  

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