To all members of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association Inc

Annual General Meeting

This preliminary notice is to confirm the Association’s 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place as follows:


Conference Centre, Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland


Sunday 17th September 2017 

Arrival and Registration

8.30 am onwards

Meeting start time

9.00 am


Next to the Conference Centre

The Association’s formal notice of meeting will be issued no later than two weeks prior to the AGM. This will be accompanied by meeting papers including agenda, minutes, reports, remits, notices of motion and a list of all nominees seeking election together with their curriculum vitae.

Call for Nominations

Nominations are invited from eligible members for the following positions on the Association’s Council and on the Royal Federation’s Board. These positions will be decided by election as appropriate at the Association’s 2017 AGM



Association President

One year: from AGM 2017to AGM 2018

Association Vice President

One year: from AGM 2017 to AGM 2018

Association Council Member

Two years: from AGM 2017 to AGM 2019

Royal Federation Regional Rep

One year: from RF AGM 2018 to RF AGM 2019 


Nominations are now closed: Nominations on the prescribed form closed at 5.00pm on Sunday 31st July 2016.

Process at the AGM and Rules

Procedures for calling for nominations, for arranging and conducting an Annual General Meeting, for conducting elections and notes on the eligibility of nominees and their proposers and seconders and notes on the responsibilities of the Council to which nominees seek election, are outlined in the following sections of the Association’s Rules:

Section 4.1     Annual General Meetings

Section 5.1     The Council

Section 5.2     Auckland Regional Representative

Section 5.3     Council Membership

Section 5.4     Election of Council Members

A copy of the Association’ Rules can be viewed HERE

Copies of the Association’s Rules are also available from the Association’s office on request.


Written advice of Motions for consideration at the AGM would be appreciated by 31st July 2017

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