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Introducing Year of the JP

Ric Carlyon - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We are celebrating the Year of the JP because it’s 200 years since New Zealand’s first JP, Thomas Kendall, was appointed in 1814. Few, if any, other entities in New Zealand can boast 200 years’ continuous service to the community.  Something to celebrate!


On our website we’ll be part of other nation-wide activities to mark this mile-stone.  

 Right here -

  • We’ll tell you how it was Kendall came to New Zealand to test the Maori mood and
  • We’ll explain how it was he was both missionary and a JP,
  • How he was appointed in Sydney yet was warranted for New Zealand
  • We’ll tell about his other attributes, like starting New Zealand’s first school and writing the first book of Maori words.

 You’ll get to know Kendall quite well through our website –

  • His covert trip to London,
  • His adultery,
  • His second book of Maori language 
  • The question of his sale of muskets to the natives
  • His brush with a fantastic plan to colonise New Zealand.

 We’ll also tell you what other people thought about Kendall: they are not all complimentary

 We’ll review the huge range of duties JPs have undertaken since 1814

 We’ll let you in on some of the stories about what JPs got up to over 200 years: some strange, some quirky and some comical.

 And, JPs being only human, we’ll recall that a few of them found themselves in hot water over the decades. A few even lost their commission!      

 Start date?  

June 14, 2014 - 200 years to the day when Thomas Kendall arrived in Bay of Islands on his first, exploratory trip, before he was either a Reverend Gentleman or JP.   

 Check back with us often as we develop our story of Kendall and tell about our 200 years’ service to New Zealand.

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