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Auckland Justices of the Peace Association Inc


The Auckland Justices of the Peace Association is affiliated to the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices' Association, and is one of 29 JP associations throughout New Zealand. This site offers information to both Justices of the Peace and to other interested people and organizations.

The services of a Justice of the Peace in New Zealand are provided free to the public and without remuneration to any JP. Local JPs in your neighbourhood are happy to be of service in their free time and the courtesy of making an appointment before visiting a JP is always appreciated.

Justices of the Peace are appointed to provide a range of duties important in the administration of New Zealand. Their functions fall into two categories, referred to as ministerial duties and judicial duties. All Justices of the Peace are required to carry out ministerial duties but further training must be undertaken by JPs before they may provide judicial duties. 

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About Us

Justice of the Peace Auckland

JPs: Serving New Zealand since 1814

Ministerial duties include:

  • Taking oaths and declarations
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certifying copies

Judicial duties include:

  • Hearing summary offences
  • Presiding over preliminary hearings
  • Conducting traffic courts
  • Hearing bail applications and requests for remands and adjournments

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